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Mini loans without payroll or guarantee only with DNI | The best of 2019

Mini loans and credits only with ID

Mini loans and credits only with ID

Currently, due to financial products such as mini loans with ID only, requesting financing for your projects is incredibly fast and simple.

You will agree with us that, as users, we are all interested in finding a financing process as quickly as possible and without paperwork.

That is precisely what we get with a loan only with DNI: fast money, easily and without the need to provide a large amount of documentation.

In this article, we provide you with the following information:

  • Features of mini loans only with fast ID
  • How loans arise only with ID without requirements
  • How loans with irreplaceable DNI are possible
  • How to apply for loans with ID only in Spain
  • How to calculate your mini loan interest
  • Other alternatives such as mini credits only with DNI, fast loans without payroll or guarantee only with DNI and credits only with DNI.
  • … and much more!

Characteristics of loans without payroll or guarantee only DNI

Characteristics of loans without payroll or guarantee only DNI

Mini loans with fast ID only are financial products that are considered as the solution to urgent financing needs.

Thus, its characteristics are full of advantages for the user:

  • They are requested totally online, through a form
  • It is not necessary to provide documentation, only a copy of the current ID
  • Many of them are granted to unemployed people or those in credit institutions
  • Upon request, you receive an immediate pre-approval response
  • If your application is approved, you receive the money in your account in a few minutes
  • Generally the amounts are small and must be returned in 1 or 2 months

Is bankate safe to ask for loans without payroll or guarantee only with ID?

Is bankate safe to ask for loans without payroll or guarantee only with ID?

bankate is an online comparator of financial services, with several years of experience in the Spanish market.

Our main objective is to make the loan application a simpler and more transparent process, so we present a completely updated list of the best loans only with DNI and credit institutions, as well as online credits in the act detailing their conditions, the APR, Your requirements and interests.

The difference with other comparators is that we not only show the good, but also the bad : we detail the disadvantages of each loan and tell you if it has hidden costs or additional fees.

The service we offer is completely free and non-binding, so you will not be charged anything when using our list or making a request for mini loans only with DNI from our page. Our goal is to help the user as much as possible to find the best loan quickly.

bankate is a secure site that complies with a strict data policy and relevant regulations: you can be sure that both our site and the lenders we show are reliable.

You can learn more about bankate, as well as our business model and contact, read the page about us and the home page. Also, get information about how to improve your financial situation in our blog ‘Financial guide.

Frequently asked questions about loans with ID only

Frequently asked questions about loans with ID only

What are loans with ID only?

Loans only with DNI is a financial aid that is granted to customers whose requirement is only the possession of an identity document.

How much money can I ask for with loans only with fast ID?

The amount of urgent money depends on the bank you select. The maximum amount of money you can request from the loans on our list is $ 50,000

Can I apply for a loan only with ID if I don’t have a payroll?

Requesting a loan only with ID and without payroll is possible. One of the characteristics of this type of loans is the minimum required documentation.

Can I apply for a loan with ID only if it is expired?

It is not possible to request a loan with DNI if it is not in force.

What features does a loan with ID only?

The two main characteristics of a loan only with DNI: it is a totally online process and with the minimum requirement of having an identity document.

How to apply for a loan with ID only

How to apply for a loan with ID only

Time needed: 15 minutes.

This financial product has become especially popular due, mainly, to the ease of your request: it is requested completely online, from the comfort of your home and in just a few minutes.

  1. Compare the loans and click on the ‘apply now’ buttonChoose the loan that interests you most.
  2. Fill out a formOn the website of the entity you can complete the information with your personal data, the amount and duration of your mini loan.
  3. You will receive an immediate responseYou will have the information about whether your mini loan with DNI has been pre-approved.
  4. Receiving the moneyIf your loan has been approved, you must send the lender a copy or a photo of your current ID, and in a few minutes, you will receive a loan contract in your e-mail and money.

To find the online loan with ID that best suits your situation, you can use the bankate loan list, which details the conditions, interests, requirements and advantages of each of the loans.

How do loans arise only with DNI?

How do loans arise only with DNI?

A few years ago, conventional banks practically monopolized all access to financing.

Following their criteria, users had to provide a large amount of documentation and meet a large number of requirements, in order to be considered for a loan.

However, to speed up the traditional banking procedure a bit, and to have an alternative to paperwork that involves applying for a loan in a traditional banking entity, online financial entities have emerged, offering fast online loans that are much more comfortable than apply, such as mini credits instantly with ID only.

Online loans are less demanding than traditional banks, so that anyone, without collateral, without payroll or study of files, can choose to apply for and obtain an urgent loan or fast credit simply and easily.

In this way, it is currently possible to obtain financing for your projects only by presenting a copy of your current ID.

Depending on the entity to which you apply for mini loans only with DNI, they may request proof of income or a bank statement, in order to verify that the bank account provided is in your name and that you have sufficient resources to make against the total payment of your loan.

Mini loans without requirements, how to do it?

Mini loans without requirements, how to do it?

The mini loans without requirements offer access to financing without the need to submit a lot of paperwork, having a very flexible conditions. The truth is that all loans must meet the requirement of a minimum of requirements, but it is true that these are very few.

A mini loan without requirements offers small amounts of money with a refund of no more than 30 days and with a super fast application process without collateral and without presenting payroll or any guarantee.

In a matter of minutes the client makes the request online by providing minimal documentation such as the current ID or NIE, ownership of a current account, Spanish residence and a contact number or email. In less than 24 hours you will have the money in your account.

Are the DNI loans irreproachable and without paperwork?

Currently, private equity entities offer the possibility of requesting a mini loan totally without paperwork. Loans with DNI, not needing much paperwork, are difficult to refuse, so we say that loans with DNI are irreproachable.

If you wonder… How is this possible?

Thanks to automatic verification systems, such as Instantor.

These programs allow the automatic identity verification of the applicant, making the application process for a loan or loan much simpler, agile and bearable, either for the applicant who only has to fill in the application form, as for the financial institution in yes.

Thus, when applying for your mini loan with Instantor you should not submit any documents, as the entity can automatically check all your data through the computer system itself in just seconds.

How does Instantor work?

How does Instantor work?

When you make the request for mini loans only with DNI with a computerized verification system such as Instantor, you will be giving permission to the online lender to passively consult your personal and economic data, in order to ratify that the information provided in the application form is true.

It is very easy to understand the operation of the verification systems:

The applicant agrees to give access to their online banking. In this way, the lender checks the situation and economic profile of the applicant, such as their monthly income, fixed monthly expenses, their savings, etc.

In this way, the lender is able to verify that the applicant has provided truthful information and ensures compliance with the requirements for approval of the paperless mini-loan.

Mini loans only DNI with credit institutions

Mini loans only DNI with credit institutions

Although being listed in a delinquent registry limits your financing possibilities, some online financial institutions offer the possibility of obtaining a loan only with DNI and online loans with credit institutions.

In this sense, online entities have some main requirements so that your loan can be granted:

  1. That the debt does not exceed a maximum amount: in general, the vast majority of lenders are going to require that your debt does not exceed an established limit that will depend on each entity to which we request our credit with DNI. Generally it should not exceed $ 1,000
  2. That the debt is not related to a bank or credit institution: it is important that your debt is not a result of a default on a previous loan, a mortgage, a credit card or any other financial product or service requested previously.

You must keep in mind that, to obtain a loan only with your ID and being listed in credit institutions, you must have at your disposal regular income that allows you to repay the amount of your loan.

This income can come either from a payroll, a pension or an unemployment benefit.

To verify your monthly income, you can provide the documents yourself or allow access to your online banking to the financial institution.

How much money can I get with a mini loan with ID?

The financial products offered by presenting only the DNI are varied, but generally these are the well-known mini loans or fast credits.

A mini loan is a grant of a not very high amount of money, which must be repaid in a short period of time.

In general, mini loans with ID only do not exceed $ 1000 and must be repaid in a 30-day period.

In this way, the user will pay a single fee at the end of the term, which will include the amount borrowed plus interest derived from the loan.

How much does a loan with ID only cost?

When a financial institution analyzes your request and decides to lend you money, it evaluates the risk of default that is associated with the loan. The higher the risk, the greater the interest to be repaid.

You should keep in mind that, since they are financial products offered without providing any documentation, financial institutions are not sure that you are financially capable of repaying your loan.

That is why mini loans with DNI usually have higher interests than other options. In this sense, the interest of mini loans with DNI is usually around 1% daily.

The best option will always be to compare the different offers available in the market, in order to find the one that best suits your needs.

To make it easier for you, bankate presents you with a completely updated list of the best loans in the market, detailing their conditions, interests and requirements.

Mini-credits with ID only: How to calculate what I am going to pay?

Mini-credits with ID only: How to calculate what I am going to pay?

In general, the calculation of the total to be paid on a loan is done through interest rates (TIN) or APR, which contains interest by adding additional costs later, such as fees and opening fees.

However, with a mini credit with ID, it is not possible to estimate the total cost using the APR.

This is so due to the nature of the credit only with DNI: since it is a small amount of money with a short repayment term, the APR (Annual Equivalent Rate) does not help us, as it is an annual fee, while the The duration of this mini-loan is only one month.

In this sense, to calculate the cost of our mini-credit with DNI we should know the daily interest rate, which as we mentioned before varies around 1%.

Many financial institutions do not report the interest rate beforehand, as this varies depending on the client’s profile, the amount to be received, the return date…

That is why, once you request mini credits instantly with only DNI, you should read your contract in detail.

Remember that, after applying for your mini loan with DNI, the financial institutions are obliged to send you a contract detailing the daily interest, the fees, the associated fees and the repayment date.

In this way, you will be able to know the total to be paid before hiring the mini loan.

In the event that you do not agree with the conditions of your mini loan, it does not seem profitable or you have changed your mind, you have the legal right to withdraw, so your loan will be canceled and nobody will charge you anything.

When is it a good idea to apply for a mini loan only with ID?

A mini loan with ID only is a financial product designed for specific situations in which there is an urgent need for financing.

Being a loan that is granted without documentation in an exceptional way, it is a good option to consider for people who cannot obtain financing through other sources, either because they lack the necessary documentation, such as a payroll, or because they do not meet the necessary requirements, as not appearing in a delinquent record.

However, before applying for mini loans only with online ID that does not require a justification of solvency, we should know that these credits usually have a much higher interest rate.

This is due to the increased risk of default that the lender assumes by not requesting any paperwork that certifies that the applicant has the ability to meet the monthly fees.

For that reason we recommend that, if you have a good credit history, present the necessary documentation, since you will obtain a considerably cheaper mini loan.

Do you have difficulty getting money with just the ID?

Do you have difficulty getting money with just the ID?

In bankate we offer different lenders online where you can get money and only with your ID.

Read carefully the characteristics of each loan as well as other information that we offer so you can find the loan that best suits your needs and your personal situation.

In summary…

  • Currently, it is possible to obtain financing without payroll and without guarantee, only with your ID.
  • There are automatic verification systems that make the microcredit process with DNI much faster and easier.
  • Mini loans with ID only do not exceed $ 1000 and must be repaid over a period of 30 days.
  • Undocumented loans usually have a high interest due to the risk of default that the entity assumes.
  • It is possible to dispose of your mini loan money 15 min after approval.
  • We cannot use the APR to calculate the final cost of a mini loan with ID.
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