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How much do you save with a loan broker?

By using a loan broker you can compare offers from several different banks and credit institutions. This way you can get lower interest rates and better conditions. But you also save time, avoid unnecessary hassle and can maintain your credit rating.


Lower interest rates on private loans

Lower interest rates on private loans

Depending on your financial circumstances, the interest rate can be reduced to a minimum of 2.90% on private loans. Which can be compared to car loans that often have an interest rate of around 5%, consumer loans that are usually 6-8% and credit cards that can have an interest rate of up to 15% or more.

If you choose to collect your loans and credits , that is, to replace your consumer loans and credits with a new loan, then your savings can be several thousand USD a month. Follow this link to see some calculation examples.


Lower interest rates on mortgages

Lower interest rates on mortgages

If you have a stable economy, good credit rating and a low loan-to-value ratio, Harlequin can lower your mortgage rate to low 1.09% through its current partner banks. Harlequin continuously evaluates new cooperative banks.

With today’s amortization requirements , it is extra important to keep the interest rate down to reduce the total monthly cost.


You save time and get a better overview

You save time and get a better overview

By sending your request to various banks and credit institutions, you save time.

You then get different offers to choose from to My pages . This usually happens within a day. Then you can calmly choose what suits you best. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact our SwedCor certified advisers.


You don’t have to negotiate yourself

loan broker

Many people find it difficult and difficult to negotiate loan terms and bargain on interest rates. That is why we have taken care of this and let different banks compete to give you the best loan possible.


You get better credit rating

You get better credit rating

When you compare loans with Harlequin, it is enough with a credit report, which we then share with the banks and credit institutions that receive your request.

This is important, because many credit reports can be interpreted for a short time as having poor credit ratings.

Using our service is the only way to compare several different banks without being asked in unnecessarily many credit reports.


You are in safe hands

Harlequin is under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and our advisors are certified by SwedCor.

If you have questions or need help, our professional advisors are always on hand, over the phone or online.

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